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When You Are Ready

When You Are Ready is an independent SAG micro-budget film written and produced by Salwa Khan. The story is about change. A medical interpreter is caught between two worlds as a naive young doctor tries to help a Bengali woman brought in for domestic violence. 

Watch the trailer here!

Behind the scenes

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Director                                         Kavita Parekh

Producer                                       Salwa Khan

Writer                                             Salwa Khan

Israt  Jahan Piku                          Neepa Rahman

Salwa Khan                                   Saima Aslam

Jim deProphetis                         Dr. John Lewis

Sahra Mellesse                             Denise Adams

Director of Photography           Todd Myrick

Editor                                              Kavita Parekh

                                                          Dorien Harris

Associate Producer                     Emily Jasani

Assistant Director                        Curtis Dorval

First Assistant Camera               Maurice Daniels

Second Assistant Camera         Octavia Cooper

Sound                                             Stephano Saldutti

Gaffer                                              Steven Michael

Key Grip                                          Manny Curry

Production Assistant                  Alexander Ventresca

                                                          Dorien Harris

Script Supervisor                          Novoneela Dria

Art Director                                    Taylor Drake

Assistant Art                                  Kathryn Wylde

Special Effects Makeup              Amber Watters

Photographer                               Zoe Glasgow

Medical Consultant                     Amber Watters

Background                                  Tariq Rahman

                                                          Omar Khan

                                                          Debbie deProphetis

                                                          Dorien Harris

                                                          Kathryn Wylde

                                                          Zoe Glasgow

Graphics                                         Zareef Khan

Trailer design                                 Imani K. Jackson

Composer                                      Arjin Roe

Sound mixing

Color                                                Imani K. Jackson

 "Gatchhora"song by

East Side Queens 

Singer: KDiva

Rap: Disha (Disha Laha),Rialan (Riddhi Mondal),KDiva (Koyel Dutta)

Composition: KDiva 

Production: Cizzy (Rounok Chakraborty)

Mixing & mastering: Cizzy

Lyrics: KDiva,Disha,Rialan

Studio partner: Mars Museum Audio

With special thanks to


Dr. Vinod Kripalu, Trinity Medical Associates

For his generosity


Stephanie Little

Scott Organ

Janelle Tedesco

For script guidance


Heidi Marshall

For being the creative catalyst in making this film


Sitara Ahmed

For the inspiration behind this story

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